You understand the importance of maintaining healthy skin, and care about the ingredients you use and where they come from. Our products are simplified and use only ingredients we know you are familiar with.

We are skincare, simplified. No matter where you are on your skincare journey, we have created products that are easy to incorporate into any skincare routine. We understand each skin type is different, and we say love your skin loud and proud.


Our company was founded based on catering to the community’s needs, but also a grand love for nature. Our very roots are focused on preserving and protecting nature, while also utilizing its many benefits we are blessed with. We are passionate about minimizing waste, re-using and upcycling where we can. By purchasing from us, you not only support a small local business, but also our dream for a better and healthier world.



In recent years, the expansion of skincare products has become overwhelming to many, especially those in the early stages of developing their skincare routine. Our skin is the most exposed part of our body, and it's important we let it breathe, relax, and replenish. There is no denying that age and genetics play an important role in the composition of our skin, but protection against environmental factors and natural nourishment are key in maintaining our skin's health for a long time. Why use artificial ingredients when you can use what's in Mother Nature's garden? 


We believe in a less is more philosophy - less ingredients, less products on the skin = better results! You don't need to try every product out there and hope it works. Learn your skin composition and only use products that work with your skin type. We've got all the essentials you need to start your skincare journey - in just 5 products or less designed to work with all skin types! Click here to start building your routine. 


We believe in harnessing the power of nature in our products - 100% plant-based and never any dyes, chemicals, alcohols, synthetic preservatives. We never use any health-compromising chemicals or compounds found in conventional skin or beauty products. We also infuse our oils with real natural florals for added therapeutic and skin benefits. Simple, wholesome, super-food for your skin. A full list of ingredients can be found on each product page. 



We never test on animals - only our fellow humans! We believe the best way to see if it works is to test it yourself. We never sell anything that we haven't personally tested on ourselves and friends/family. 

All of our products are handmade to order - never formulated in batches. We believe the best way to preserve freshness and extend our product shelf-life is to custom make each order just for you. This method works great in minimizing any product idle time or wastage. 


We understand and value the importance of reducing waste in landfills - and we're striving to do our part in helping with this through reusing and recycling. None of our products are packaged in plastic or come in boxes - we simply mail them out in protective mailing envelopes to ensure you receive it safely. Our full ingredients/product information are found on our website, which means less labeling or need for external packaging. We also encourage up-cycling (re-using glass product containers) for a different use, or purchasing product refills. We're also busy working on an exciting new monthly subscription refill program - so you never run out, and always reuse! Stay tuned by subscribing to our email updates to receive the latest news on this upcoming project. 

Join us on our journey as we create exciting new products to help indulge your mind, bring a smile to your face, rejuvenate your face and body, and make your soul sing hallelujah!

Love your skin loud and proud. 




Hi, I’m Sana – and so happy you stumbled upon my company! I began this journey in 2019, when I started selling one of our best sellers – the Rose Quartz Facial Roller. We received incredible feedback from the community, and even made it to a top seller on Amazon. It was a wonderful experience, but I wanted to focus more on what I was truly passionate about – skincare/self-care. Fast forward to 2021 and ROXI+ROUGE has expanded from selling 1 product to 11 and counting (new products are on the way, stay tuned!) Thanks to the support from our amazing community at R+R, we are humbled and grateful for all the love.

As a mom to a beautiful little girl, I knew what values I wanted to instill  as an ethnic woman in this world. Life is challenging, but one thing only we can control is how much we love ourselves. We often lose sight of self-care/self-love as we are consumed in the day to day. By creating ROXI+ROUGE, I wanted everyone to fall in love with taking care of themselves – by loving ourselves enough to nourish our skin with only the best ingredients and taking the time to relax and refresh. No matter your skin type, I say love your skin loud and proud!

While I grew up in Canada, my roots were in Pakistan. Many of the ingredients you will find in our products, have been used in my family for generations in natural skincare rituals. Growing up, we used everything from homemade fruit and vegetable masks, to natural herb and oil-based hair/body care. Back then, I was not aware of the benefits of using all-natural ingredients – but today, I am a strong believer in non-toxic and clean skincare. I hope to pass on these same methods and beliefs to my daughter, and continue them for generations to come. Mother nature knows best, so let us embrace her and live a healthier + happier life!


 with love,